Monday, September 28, 2009


Ok I just dont know how to get into this I am just to self cautions of what I have to say! But I love reading other people blogs and I dont judge I wish I could just blab it all out like them.. So to day I will I am felling very over wellmed the last few weeks I dont know why I need to stop wounding about what other people think I need to just worry about me and my family but it is hard when you have those day that you just do laundry and sit around and think and about what you say to people and what people say to you and over think it all. So now if I just stay home and dont talk to people I wont have any worries!!! But here is Jack he makes me HAPPY!!


  1. Beth what the heck happened? Who is telling you what you need? I love you! Don't be upset. I would love to see your vinyl creations on your blog and of course stuff about the kiddos. Look at my blog. It's goofy. I put all kinds of stuff on there now. I use to think it was stupid. But now I put up whatever I am thinking about at the moment. Like my reasons why I love fall. Who really cares why I like fall? It's just fun. I would also like to hear how your exercising/running is going or your many adventures in cooking/baking/yummy foods. There is tons of stuff you could talk about.