Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Home sick!!!

So I am way excited to go to Barstow this weekend!! I am like a little kid excited I don't know why, maybe I miss Barstow??? No I don't think so must be all the family I have missed:) LJ is getting married I am so happy for him and Candice they are a Great couple they are perfect for each other, and I am so glade that they have decided to spend the rest of there lives together. I will post pictures when we return I am just so ready to go I have even started packing 2 days before so not like me!!! The other best part of this trip is Steven is going to be with me the whole time witch never happens in our little world!!!! He needs the brake too:)
Steven is such a good Man I don't know some days how I got so lucky to have him!! But other days I think he is so lucky to have me!!!LOL:)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hair Pretties!!!

Check this out I think it is way cute!! I am teaching how to make them at our Super Saturday!!!

Student of the month!!

I am going to brag today about Addyson!! She is such a sweet good girl, She just loves to be good and make sure everyone else is good too!! She is a great student she loves to read and she is really good at it!! I was never a good student or reader so I really work hard to make sure she does it everyday...But I think it is not my doing it is all her she is such a smart happy kid. All of her teachers just love her they always say how sweet and well behaved she is. So yesterday she came home so happy she got The Student of the month!!! She was so happy and proud of herself...I am so glade that she was recognized for her hard work of just being a good kid!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This laast weekend I got to go to my friend Glenda's wedding In Montana. It was so beautiful!! Glenda and I use to work together at America West Airlines for 6 years together!!