Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009!!

I dont think I have ever been this excised for Christmas is just gets better and better as the kids get older!! Well it is a little stressful but we have made it!! I love December its a Great Birthday month for all the girls in this house and just a lot of togetherness!! It is hard this is the first year in my life I wont be going home to Barstow for Christmas, I really miss my parents, and the rest of the crew out there!! But I guess I am growing up and have to make my own traditions!! Koley and I have stayed up till 2am for 3 nights making PJS for everyone for tonight. We are going to EAT EAT and Eat and play games till bedtime!! Life is good!! I love and miss all of my California and LasVegas family and friends!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS:)

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