Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snow snow go away!!!

I am really not liking the snow and the cold!! Why I ask my self? Well I have decided maybe I will like it better when I don't have so many little ones I have to suit up just to run some where for just a minute or just to go to the neighbors. When it is -9 out you cant get the car to warm up until you drive for like 10 minutes. So Jack cries till the heat finally stats to work when we get to where we are going it is just miserable!! I can see why people can just stay home and eat there life away in the winter I hate this. So I have started a new diet this week I hope I can make it past the holidays it is so hard to go the gym in this cold!!!


  1. Don't you have a little something called a treadmill??? Just up the treadmill in front of the tv and run your little heart out!

  2. Blogging keeps my mind off food, unless I post on my food blog....hum?