Monday, December 28, 2009

The Lights At Temple Square!!!

We made to Temple square light!! My in laws took us on a train ride to Salt Lake it was a lot of fun!! But we did freeze out butts off!! Well at least I wish it would have frozen mine off but no I need to wear less layers next time and maybe it would work!!! I will post pictures from the train later I cant find my camera I think Steven took it to MKE.....


  1. What's MKE? and I want to go on a train ride. That sounds like fun. Candice was telling about a train ride in az and it takes you to the grand canyon. Going to temple square is fun.

  2. Milwaukee WI!!! Its the new fast runner train. It is a modern train but fun. Sorry airpot codes is all I know!!!

  3. Milwaukee is cold I'm sure...Love the picture. I think you've lost weight since the wedding....